św Mikołaja 8-11, Wrocław



CrazyCall is a cloud based software for sales calls, cold calling and other outbound campaigns. We prove that sales calls can be easy, campaign setup can take just a few minutes and agents can enjoy their work more. Reduced time between calls, automatic dialer, custom reports and analytics on demand - these are just a few out of many CrazyCall's features.

We work in small teams of high skilled specialists. Every one of us has a real influence on what the architecture looks like, as each idea is taken under consideration. We prefer to focus on accomplishing particular tasks rather than sticking to inflexible working day length. We promise very little paperwork and frequent contact with real product users.


  • Rodzaj zatrudnienia: praca
  • Działy: IT , Obsługa klienta
  • Miejsca pracy: Wrocław
  • Preferowani kandydaci: studenci , absolwenci , specjaliści
  • Kierunki studiów: Elektronika , PPT , Wydział Informatyki i Zarządzania
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): Tak
  • List motywacyjny: Nie
  • Rozmowa kwalifikacyjna: Tak
  • Assesment Center: Nie

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